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Piano solo by Keith - 10/28/18

No Other Word For Grace But Amazing - A solo by our pianist, Keith 10/28/18
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Having a  workday to do a little deep cleaning. Who says you can't have fun while you work?

Billy Vaughn (we even put the preacher to work) and his wife, Cindy Vaughn.

              Darlene Menke                                                Sylvia Lang                                                  June Weldon

                                                 (These three don't look quite as happy as Billy and Cindy)

Jeff Gibbs is getting some much needed pressure washing done for us.

Set Me Free

Such a riveting video

Even though this was a few years ago it is still worthy of it's place here in our gallery.

JUMC Youth performed a breathtaking skit to Casting Crowns' "Set Me Free". They did an outstanding job. Praise God for such a wonderful youth group and their fabulous leaders. Be prepared to have your heart burst with love for Jesus Christ as you watch this video.

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